Rev. Bill’s Bio

Rev. Bill

Rev. Bill’s Shamanic roots come from his upbringing.  He was raised in South Texas on the Mexico border where the instinctive way of life was to be in tuned with the natural elements and rhythmic cycles of the seasons. Much of the economy in the Rio Grande Valley was fruit and vegetable farming. Migrant workers were the main backbone of the work force in the rural landscape of the land which God had forgotten.

Exposed to a wide variety of beliefs, Rev. Bill began his understanding of religious ways as a child of God as prescribed by the Methodist religion. In time, these beliefs gave way to his own awareness of the larger relationships between human beings and the world outside of our humanness.

During his early years, Rev. Bill did not understand that everyone could not see or relate to the world around them as he related. He understood relationships to be multisensory with multilayer’s of life forces all linked together in wonderful harmony; through vision, sound, touch and invisible cords and connections to living and inanimate things around him.

Bill’s Near Death Experience, at age nine, brought home the full connection to earth and heaven. With his understanding of relationships between people and beyond, their earthly existence came to full realization when his family and friends were not tuned in with his questions concerning his ability to travel out of his body and eventually when the doctor revived him from his death state, his perspective of life or living was plunged in deep question and turmoil.

Bill’s parents were not aware of his relationship to the inner and outer worlds. There had been little discussion around spiritual parts of souls. The complete world of spirituality was open; there was no grounding or guidance provided by his family or church. His friends could not relate to the questions he was asking concerning his origin of being.

Having carved out his own line of questioning and developing a logic based on Earthly principles; combined with strong memories of his outer body experience while being dead, Bill’s mindset was created at an early age. Over time, through many questions and thoughts shared with hundreds and hundreds of acquaintances, friends and eventually family members he was able to determine that he had not died but had been revived and was living in the same world that he had been in before his Near Death Experience.

Common sense and horse sense are the two senses that you have to acquire with experience over time. These two senses have to be proven over and over again. It’s not a faith-based experience, it’s a hard knocks experience of education being delivered in the College of Life not the University of Academics.

Now some 55 years later, Rev. Bill finds himself alive and well and having had much success with the production of a TV program in Fairfax, Virginia. Channel 10 public access TV has been airing his program for over two years. With more than 100 episodes recorded and shown on the local cable TV systems in Northern Virginia, Rev. Bill has reached out to thousands of viewers weekly. The intensity and imperative nature of the content of these TV programs has propelled him to establish a website, thus creating access for him to provide Shamanic and Intuitive services to the Public as well as private readings and lessons.